Structured Attorney Fees

Structured attorney fees provide the benefit of deferral. Instead of being taxed on the entire fee at one time, income payments are reported to the IRS in the year they are received. Deferred fees can be used for future needs such as retirement, a child's education, or stabilized income for a legal practice.

Benefit types for attorney fees include...

  • Predictable income that you cannot outlive, including Joint Life benefit
  • Guaranteed payments for a specified period, or as lump sums
  • Fixed or variable annual increases to payments

The optional Index-Linked Annuity Payment Adjustment (ILAPA) Rider provides...

  • Potential for payments to increase
  • Opportunity for long-term growth
  • Downside protection, as payments will never decrease


A Word About Constructive Receipt


Careful consideration must be taken to avoid constructive receipt of the fees. The settlement agreement must be completed before the judgment is final and without any "property" being transferred to you. After the judgment is final, you are considered to be in constructive receipt of the fees and will be subject to immediate taxation


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